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BASELINE consists of a database of recent and mostly informal literature on baseline methodologies that experts world-wide have begun to develop following the endorsement of the Activities Implemented Jointly (AIJ) pilot phase at the Berlin climate conference in 1994. Following the endorsement of project-based greenhouse gas reduction activities through the Kyoto Protocol in 1997, further development of methodologies took place.

But access to this literature is very limited, because a large part is so recent that it has not yet been published in journals or books. Thus it is difficult to get a good overview on available and relevant literature. The purpose of BASELINE is to make this literature more accessible to anyone interested. The database is open-ended, and if you feel that other articles or papers should be added, please send us your suggestions. Any other feedback on BASELINE is also welcome.

BASELINE is part of a programme that URC initiated in 1999, and which focuses on developing and strengthening analytical and methodological capacity on baselines in developing countries. The programme offers technical advice, Internet access to documentation and data to developing country experts in order to enable an independent formulation of views on baselines from a Southern perspective. Technical assistance has been provided to the Peruvian National Environmental Council (CONAM), and to the African regional group through the South African Energy and Development Research Centre (EDRC). URC's activities build on its prior mitigation studies that have focused on identifying project possibilities at the national level.


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