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Side event at UNFCCC COP- 6, Part 2

On July 23, 2001 UNEP, OECD and IEA organised the Side Event "Standardizing baselines for energy demand, heavy industry and transport projects". The purpose was to present the results and recommendations of the expert workshop held at Risoe in May 2001.

Presentations are available in PDF format.
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All the presentations shown below - zip file

Overview of UNEP/OECD/IEA baseline workshop, Ellis - UNFCCC
Standardising baselines for electricity, Manso - Costa Rican Office on JI
Standardising baselines for energy demand, Bosi - IEA
Standardising baselines for cement, iron and steel,
 Winkler - Energy and Development Research Centre
Standardising baselines for transport, Missfeldt - UCCEE
UNEP/OECD/IEA workshop report  (PDF file, 2 minutes)


UNEP Risoe Centre DTU Management Engineering Frederiksborgvej 399, Bldg. 142 P.O. Box 49 DK 4000 Roskilde Denmark


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