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CDM Green Facility

Project website

The Danish International Development Assistance (Danida) has, in the context of the Climate and Development Action programme, expressed its commitment to support sub-Saharan African countries become more engaged in the CDM market by focusing on project development and capacity building, with the intent of laying groundwork for long-term CDM investments.

The CDM Green Facility project will be designed and implemented by UNEP Risoe Centre (URC) in five countries: Benin, Burkina Faso, Ghana, Mali, Niger and Zambia.

The project encompasses bilateral technical assistance activities and aims at complementing the ongoing work of other donor governments (e.g. Germany, Finland, UK, Spain and Sweden) in supporting the objectives of the Nairobi Framework.

Through the activities of the Green Facility, beneficiary countries will receive technical assistance to enable them to integrate CDM into the national economic development plans with specific objective of increasing number of emission reduction projects in the infrastructure, energy, and other sectors.

For further information contact:  Joergen Fenhann, jqfe@dtu.dk 


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