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National Workshop on Carbon Finance for Sustainable Energy Services
Bamako, 19–20 September 2006

Presentations (in French only)

The workshop was divided into two distinct one-day sessions. The first session, aimed at CDM project developers, examined advanced topics related to monitoring, verification, and certification of emission reductions; project financing, and key legal and contractual issues to navigate in CDM transactions. The second day session was more of a roundtable targeted institutions in Mali charged with operationalising the CDM.

Presentations are available in French and PDF format only. Estimated download time at 28.8 kbps is less than 2 minutes, unless indicated otherwise.

All presentations - zip file  (4 minutes at 28.8 kbps)

Day 1: Finalization of Project Cycle
1. Introductory Remarks
Mamadou Gakou, STP/CIGQE
Local World Bank representative
UNEP Risoe Centre / World Bank
2. CDM Project Cycle: General Review
CDM process (MFC)
CDM market: Market overview (Econergy)
3. Final Steps in CDM Project Cycle
Project Monitoring and External Verification (Enda)
Certification of Emissions Reductions (Enda)
4. Financing CDM Projects
Overview of Project Financing and Strategies (Econergy)
Role of Regional Development Banks (Local Bank)
Projects portfolio status ( MFC)
Example: Taoussa Hydropower Project (Taoussa Development Authority)
5. Introduction to Legal Transactional Aspects
Legal Aspects of CDM (UNEP Risoe Centre)
Negotiating an Emissions Reduction Purchasing Agreement (ERPA) (World Bank)
Local Legal Representation (including review of key Mali laws)
Day 2: National CDM Strategy & DNA Action Plan
1. Introductory Remarks (Minister of Environment)
2. Mali DNA Project Review and Approval Process
Legal and Regulatory Establishment (STP)
Activities Performed to Date (STP)
Future Activities – Promotional & Financing Strategies (STP)
3. Questions & Discussion
4. Assessment of Mali’s DNA Process
Case Study of Successful DNA (Morocco/South Africa) (MFC)
Recommendations for Future Progress (World Bank, UNEP, URC)
5. Discussion & Consensus Recommendations for DNA
6. Workshop Closing Remarks
7. Meetings with individual project developers and STP personnel
For further information contact:  Glenn Hodes, gsho@dtu.dk


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