Proceedings of the
African High-level Regional Meeting on Energy and Sustainable Development
for the Ninth Session of the Commission on Sustainable Development

ISBN 87-550-2862-4

Table of Contents


Regional perspectives
Energy and sustainable development: Key issues for Africa
Renewable energy technologies in Africa: An overview of challenges and opportunities

Access to energy
Rural electrification: A challenge for improving access to energy by the poor
Rural electrification reform and programme in Cameroon
The South African non-grid programme process
Financing frameworks to facilitate sustainable development: Experiences in the AREED project
Gender concerns in accessing energy for sustainable development

Renewable energy: Prospects and limits
Sustainable development in Africa through renewable energy
Renewable energy in Morocco: limits and prospects
Barriers to the use of renewable energy technologies for sustainable development in Ghana
Renewable energy technologies in Egypt: Opportunities and barriers

Rural energy
The role of woodfuels in Africa
An overview of biomass energy issues in sub-Saharan Africa
Challenges in meeting biomass energy needs in West Africa
Botswana biomas energy projects: The challenge of mainstreaming biomas energy plans to
facilitate sustainable development

Access to energy: Power sector reform
Overview of the power reform programmes in sub-Saharan Africa
Implications of power sector reform in South Africa on poor people's access to energy: Lessons
for Africa
The structure of the power sector, power sector reforms and implications for expanded access to
electricity in Southern Africa

Regional cooperation: Opportunities and limits
Using new financial instruments for improving oil trade across Africa: opportunities
and limits
Regional cooperation for sustainable energy supply: Experiences with the development of the gas
pipeline in West Africa
A O Adegbulugbe, J-F K Akinbami and F I Ibitoye
Oil and gas in Africa's energy future prospects and opportunities for intra-African trade

Statements and background
Statement by the Executive Director of the United Nations Environment Programme, Dr Klaus Toepfer
Statement by Mr Bakary Kante at the Opening of the Experts Segment
Cleaner fossil fuel technologies for Africa's sustainable development: Status of World Energy Council
Cleaner Fossil Fuels Systems Committee Action Plan, Barbara N. McKee
Energy for sustainable development in least developed countries: Statement by Ms Yvette Stevens,
the Special Coordinator for Africa and Least-Developed Countries of the United Nations Department
for Economic and Social Affairs

Appendix 1: Agenda of the Meeting
Appendix 2: List of participants