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The Cool 100 Book


The Cool 100 Book

The Cool 100 Knowledge Hub

The Cool 100 Book (PDF)

The aim of The Cool 100 Book is to document 100 inspiring, educational and practical examples of sustainable and accessible energy supply solutions created by, or suitable for, isolated communities in the cooler regions of the world.

The Cool 100 Book project was derived from the NordSESIL project (the Nordic Network for Sustainable Energy Systems in Isolated Communities). NordSESIL was a research and networking project that was funded by the Nordic Energy Research organisation in collaboration with the UNEP Risø Centre and a consortium of industry and community partners from 2007 to 2010. The goal of the NordSESIL project was to improve the capacity of communities in isolated areas of the Nordic region to access sustainable energy solutions by creating and stimulating a network of relevant and motivated stakeholders.

The network aimed to provide a framework for communication and knowledge sharing and to become a forum for motivated participants who wanted to find relevant partners and the knowledge and skills required to “get sustainable energy projects happening” in isolated areas of the Nordic region.

The creation of an online wiki-styled “Knowledge Hub” for the documentation of relevant projects and activities was a key element of the project, and was developed in a manner that would ensure the information would remain available and open for on-going contributions upon the completion of the formal project.

The Cool 100 book is located on this hub at www.nordsesil.wikispaces.com. Please feel free to visit the site and contribute an additional project, or update information on a current project.

For further information contact:  James Haselip, jhas@dtu.dk 


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