The organisers of the conference gratefully acknowledge the assistance and support provided by Danida, GEF, UNEP and Risų National Laboratory in preparing, organising and running the conference.

Danida (Danish International Development Assistance) has been instrumental in supporting the UNEP Collaborating Centre on Energy and Environment at Risų National Laboratory since the establishment of the Centre in 1990. Danida has also been closely involved in the programme of climate change mitigation studies through support to country studies in Zimbabwe. As the major sponsor of the present conference, Danida underlined the continuing Danish commitment to improving the level of knowledge on matters related to climate change mitigation, especially with regard to the developing countries.

The organisers are also grateful for the considerable support received from the Global Environmental Facility (GEF) and from UNEP.

A special thanks is due to the members of the Advisory Group (see following page) who provided their expert views on the selection of topics and speakers.

The organisers also wish to express their gratitude to the secretarial and administrative staff: Rosa Villavicencio was responsible for administrative arrangements before and during the conference, and she was joined by Jette Larsen and Marianne Findsen who staffed the secretariat and provided practical assistance to the participants and ensure the smooth running of the meeting. Jette Larsen and Maria Andreasen were responsible for processing the many diverse contributed papers into the homogeneous form contained in these proceedings.

Finally, the organisers wish to thank all participants in the Conference for contributing to the atmosphere of constructive and collaborative discussion.

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