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Climate Change Mitigation and Financing Mechanisms in Asia

Goa, India. 4-6 May 1998

The conference presented, in first half, a standard methodological approach for mitigation analysis developed over the past years and applied in a number of country studies in Asia and, in the second half, financing mechanisms to undertake mitigation options including Activities Implemented Jointly (AIJ), Joint Implementation (JI), Global Carbon Initiative and Clean Development Mechanism.

In addition, the participants provided a feedback on the design of the World Bank’s Carbon Fund. Issues related to the generation of offsets, verification and certification of offsets and legal and contractual agreements required for the operation of the Carbon Fund were discussed.

The proceedings can be downloaded in PDF format. The estimated time at 28.8 kbps is indicated in parenthesis. Click on  © to see the contents only.

Introduction and Country papers, Part 1 ©               (3 minutes)
Country papers, Part 2 and LBL's presentation ©  (2 minutes)
Documents and presentations, World Bank ©         (1 minute)


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