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Regional conferences, Economics of Greenhouse Gas Limitations

Victoria Falls, Africa
Goa, Asia
Quito, Latin America & Caribbean
Eger, Eastern Europe

As part of the final stage of the Project "Economics of Greenhouse Gas Limitations", during May 1998 regional conferences were held in Africa, Asia, Latin America & Caribbean and Eastern Europe.

The conferences served as fora for presentation of the methodological framework, results and experience of the national studies, and their relevance and replicability in the region. Experience from related studies in other countries were presented as well as the results of the sub-regional mitigation studies. The conference format was sufficiently broad in scope to allow discussion of parallel activities carried out in other projects, with a view to synthesising all relevant experience.

The regional workshops provided the basis for outreach in terms of directly informing and supporting other countries in the region on the methodological aspects and specific experiences obtained by the participating countries, including national and regional mitigation collaboration possibilities.


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