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Global Network on Energy for Sustainable Development
launched at WSSD

Following recommendation by CSD 9, G8 Task Force on Renewable Energy and the UN Conference on LDCs, the Global Network on Energy for Sustainable Development (GNESD) was launched at the World Summit on Sustainable Development (WSSD) in Johannesburg.

GNESD is aimed at promoting sustainable development and poverty alleviation through policies and solutions which expand access to environmentally sound energy services. GNESD will link established Centres of excellence and regional networks to each other and to international organisations, governments, financial institutions, private sector representatives, foundations, and other interested parties.

The proposal to establish GNESD was led by UNEP in co-operation with UNDP, UNIDO, UN DESA, and the World Bank. Initial funding partners are the governments of Germany, France, United Kingdom, Denmark, and the UN Foundation.

The Network will co-ordinate joint activities on information exchange, analytical studies, policy support and capacity building. Working groups will be established on an ad-hoc basis. The initial Working Group includes EDRC (South Africa), Enda (Senegal), Afrepren (Kenya), Teri (India), Coppe (Brazil), IDEE/Fundacion Bariloche (Argentina), and possibly AIT and ERI (China). An international Steering Committee representing the Network partners was created to provide strategic direction and oversight. The GNESD Secretariat is being established at Risoe National Laboratory (RNL), Denmark.

For additional information visit the GNESD website.


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September 9, 2002