Mitigation and Adaptation Cost Assessment: Concepts, Methods and Appropriate Use

ISBN: 87-550-2435-1



Chapter 1
1.1    Cost Analysis Principles
1.2    Cross-sectoral and Long-term Cost Issues
1.3    Cost Concepts in Climate Policies and Strategies

Chapter 2
2.1    Introduction
2.2    Concepts of Cost for Climate Change
2.3    A Framework for the Estimation of Mitigation and Adaptation Costs
2.4    Baseline Scenarios
2.5    Other Issues Arising in Cost Estimation
2.6    Issues Arising in the Implementation of Programmes and the Reporting of CostAssessment Results
2.7    Conclusions

Chapter 3
3.1    Distinctive Features of Developing Countries
3.2    Alternative Development Paths
3.3    Broadening the National Decision-Making Framework
3.4    Addressing the Specific Characteristics of Markets and Other Exchange Processes in Developing Countries
3.5    Land Relations and Land Use
3.6    Issues Related to the Implementation of Advanced Technologies
3.7    Suggestions for Improving Costing Studies for Developing Countries

Chapter 4
4.1    Introduction
4.2    The Energy Sector
4.3    The Forestry and Agriculture Sector

Chapter 5
5.1    Introduction
5.2    Review of Adaptation Studies
5.3    A Framework for Estimating Adaptation Costs
5.4    Models for Evaluating Adaptation Benefits and Costs
5.5    Concluding Comments on Optimal Adaptation

Chapter 6
6.1    Introduction
6.2    Measures of the Performance of the Economy
6.3    Assumptions that Affect the Sign and Magnitude of Macroeconomic Impacts of Climate Policies
6.4    Macroeconomic Models
6.5    Conclusions

Chapter 7
7.1    Introduction
7.2    Cross-sectoral Correspondence of Cost Concepts
7.3    Long-term Issues

Chapter 8
8.1    Introduction
8.2    National Policy and Strategy
8.3    Policy Instruments
8.4    Multilateral Financing Mechanisms

Annex A