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Mitigation and Adaptation Cost Assessment

In September 1996 the IPCC decided to launch various activities following the finalisation of the Second Assessment. One of them was the workshop "Mitigation and Adaptation Cost Assessment: Concepts, Methods and Appropriate Use", hosted by UCCEE in June 1997.

A draft concept paper on the workshop topic was prepared by an international team of experts co-ordinated by UCCEE and the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. The workshop participants recommended its publication following a full IPCC scientific review.

The paper was updated according to the suggestions supplied by more than 200 IPCC experts. It was subsequently presented to the UNFCCC Subsidiary Body on Technological and Scientific Advice (SBSTA) during the fourth meeting of the Conference of Parties (COP4) in Buenos Aires.

Follow the link below to download the paper.

Mitigation and Adaptation Cost Assessment – Concepts, Methods and Appropriate Use
( PDF format, 5 minutes at 28.8 kbps) Contents

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