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Tools and Methods for Integrated Resource Planning

This textbook addresses integrated resource planning (IRP) methods, energy efficiency programs, and their application in the electricity sector. The manual is targeted toward engineers and planners in electric utilities and other institutions in the energy sector, as well as post-graduate students in energy and environmental engineering and economics.

The manual was used as training material in the South African regional workshop on Integrated Resource Planning, held in Cape Town in May 1998, arranged by EDRC - University of Cape Town and Carl Duisberg Gesellschaft (CDG).

The manual is available for download in PDF format. Click on to see the contents only.

Tools and Methods for Integrated Resource Planning
Estimated download time: 9 minutes at 28.8 kbps

The manual is also available in Portuguese.

The following tables from the book are available to download as MS Excel spreadsheets:

Exercise 2.4 on page 51
Table 2.12 on page 65
Tables 2.15 and 2.16 on pages 70-71
Exercise 3.10 on page 107
Exercise 3.13 on page 121
Table 3.7 (mis-named 3.6 in the book) on page 126
Exercise 4.8 on page 174 (also usable for Exercise 4.6 on page 169)
Exercise 4.10 on page 184
Brakimpur exercises, Chapter 4, on pages 186-194


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