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India Solar Home Systems Project wins Energy Globe Award

UNEP Risoe Centre was awarded the 2007 Energy Globe Fire Award for launching the India Solar Home Systems Project. Jyoti Painuly, URC manager of the Project, received the award on behalf on the Project partners.

"The Energy Globe is awarded to projects from all over the world which make careful and economical use of resources and employ alternative energy sources."

Launched in 2003 with support from the UN Foundation and Shell Foundation, the Project is a partnership between UNEP, UNEP Risoe Centre, and two India large banking groups, Canara and Syndicate Bank. Local project management is provided by Crestar Capital, Mumbai.

The purpose of the Project was to establish a consumer credit market for financing solar home systems (SHS) in Southern India. The innovative financing arrangement involved an interest rate reduction, a direct support system to develop the market and a process to qualify suppliers. The Project however does not provide a subsidy on the high capital cost of solar home systems.

Nearly 18,000 middle class households in Southern India have used the Project's innovative credit to buy a solar photovoltaic system to power lights and small appliances.

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For further information contact:  Jyoti P. Painuly, jypa@dtu.dk 


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April 17, 2007