Experience with PV systems in Africa
Summaries of selected cases

ISBN 87 550 2863 2

Table of Contents


Solar PV dissemination efforts in Botswana
Solar PV systems: Insights from Swaziland
PV power experience in Zimbabwe
Providing electricity services using energy service companies
Lesotho's experience with PV systems
Kenya's PV market: a showcase for commercial development
Uganda's experience with PV systems
The transition from pilot projects to large-scale programmes: The case of Namibia
Overview of the South African off-grid concession process
PV project experiences in Morocco
PV experiences in southern Mali
The Ghana Renewable Energy Services Project
MME/Spanish-funded solar PV electrification in Ghana
Dissemination of family photovoltaic systems in rural Senegal
Photovoltaic water pumping in Zimbabwe
New institutional approaches to rural electrification
The way forward

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