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Seminar on fuel pricing policies and their implications

(in Spanish)

The international seminar “Fuel Pricing Policies in Latin America and their Economic and Environmental Implications” took place on December 3 and 4, 2002 in Santiago, Chile.

The seminar was structured in four discussion themes:

  • Energy pricing policies in OECD countries with special emphasis on issues addressed by the European Union (Green Paper on the security of energy supply)
  • Oil-exporting countries (Ecuador, Mexico and Venezuela)
  • Energy self-sufficient countries (Argentina, Bolivia and Colombia)
  • Oil-importing countries (Brazil, Chile, Perú, Uruguay, and Central American countries)

Presentations are available in Spanish, in PDF format. Estimated download time at 28.8 kbps is indicated in parenthesis.

All the documents shown below - zip file  (14 minutes)

Agenda  (1 minute)
Políticas de precios de los combustibles en América Latina, Rogat - UCCEE  (1 minute)
Análisis Comparativo de las Estructuras de Precios en Países de América del Sur y México: Algunos Elementos para el Debate de las Políticas, Altomonte - ECLAC  (1 minute)
Los Precios de Energia: Estructura y Política en los Países de la OECD, Pottinger - IEA  (8 minutes)
Políticas de Precios en Países Exportadores: Venezuela, Mora - Universidad de Los Andes  (1 minute)
Precios de los combustibles en México, Gonzáles  (1 minute)
La Política de Precios de los Combustibles en Argentina, Kozulj - IDEE/FB  (1 minute)
Caso de Bolivia, Birhuett  (1 minute)
Caso de Colombia, Jaimes  (2 minutes)
Los precios de combustibles en Brasil, Horta Nogueira - ANP  (3 minutes)
Precios de combustibles en América Central, Cuevas - ECLAC  (1 minute)
Caso Uruguay, Suarez  (1 minute)

For further information contact: Jorge Rogat, jorr@dtu.dk


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