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RET/EE Investment Advisory Facility

"helping financial institutions make informed business decisions on renewable energy and
energy efficiency technology investments in developing and transitional economies"

This new facility supports financial institutions in evaluating specific Renewable Energy Technology (RET) and Energy Efficiency (EE) investments. The support provided comes either in the form of funds for the contracting of expert consultants or direct via in-house UNEP staff. A broad range of investment evaluation issues are eligible, ranging from project assessments to risk management and legal reviews.

Some Areas Eligible for Support

  • independent project assessment
  • regulatory compliance and framework review
  • market sizing for a manufacturing concern
  • operational & maintenance cost review
  • environmental liability risk analysis
  • financial risk analysis
  • legal review of intellectual property and patent rights
  • independent valuation of a project or company
  • legal review of performance or power purchase contracts

… other areas also eligible    

Application Process

Financial institutions should send requests for support to UNEP that include (2 pages max.):

Upon receipt of the above information, UNEP will respond to requests, typically within 10 working days.


The RET/EE Investment Advisory Facility is available for any RET or EE investment being evaluated for implementation in a developing country or country with economy in transition. Activities supported must focus on the incremental aspects of project review – areas specific to investing in these new energy technologies. When consultants are out-sourced, the administration of the agreed-upon services (i.e., contracting of consultants and their supervision) is the responsibility of the financing institution. For more information, see RET/EE Investment Advisory Facility Bulletin.

Contact: energy.investment@unep.fr
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