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Workshop "Moving from Policy to Implementation"

Pretoria, South Africa, 14-15 February, 2001


The main objective of the workshop was to discuss an action programme for a further collaboration between parties of South Africa and the European Union (EU), towards accelerating the penetration of renewables in the national energy system, both off and on-grid. About 55 participants from government, private companies, academia and NGOs attended.

Day 1 was dedicated to presentations and break-away sessions on how to integrate renewable energy into economic development. Day 2 focused on EU - South African links to further promote renewables in the country. The participants supported the action proposal developed by the project and provided valuable input for its enhancement.

Most of the presentations are available in PDF format. Estimated download time at 28.8 kbps is indicated in parenthesis.

All the presentations shown below - zip file  (19 minutes)

Day 1
Renewable Energy: The Role of CSIR, Freeman - CSIR  (1 minute)
Opening Remarks, Tezapsidis - European Commission  (1 minute)
The National Electrification Programme, Kotze - DME  (3 minutes)
Eskom Renewable Energy, Tosen - Eskom  (5 minutes)
The Case for Renewable Energy to be Linked to Productive Economic Activities,
Szewczuk - CSIR 
(1 minute)
Non-grid Electricity Regulation: Towards Sustainable Rural Development,
Barnard - NER 
(1 minute)
Overview and Status of DME's Renewable Energy Strategy Document,
Lisa - DME 
(1 minute)
Linking Productive Activities in Rural Areas to Energy Services: A Case Study for Micro-Hydro,
Nyabeze - WEDS 
(1 minute)
Sustainable Livelihoods Implementation Practitioners,
Norton - Sustainable Villages Africa 
(6 minutes)
Topics for Break-away Sessions, project team  (1 minute)
Integrating Analytical Tools into Development Planning, Szewczuk - CSIR  (2 minutes)
The Role of Concessionaires in the Rural Implementation of Mini-grid Applications,
Moeketsi - Renewable Energy Africa 
(1 minute)
Day 2
Recapitulation of Day 1, project team  (1 minute)
Relevant Wave Energy Technologies in the EU, Langston - Wavegen  (3 minutes)
Providing Off-grid Power: The Good or Bad News for Sub-Saharan Africa,
Adams - Siemens 
(2 minutes)
Can the CDM Stimulate Renewables Investment in South Africa?,
Spalding-Fecher - EDRC 
(1 minute)
You Can't Please All the People All the Time, Lukey - PLA  (1 minute)
Action Plan for Grid, project team  (1 minute)
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March 15, 2001