Implementation of Renewable Energy Technologies
Project Opportunities and Barriers
Egypt Country Study

Table of Contents

1 Introduction

2 Executive Summary

3 RET projects & Energy Policies
3.1 Review of existing policies and plans and formworks
3.2 Literature Survey

4 Selected RETs for the study
4.1 Preliminary selection of RETs for detailed Analysis
4.2 The first national workshop
4.3 Final selection of RETs for detailed Analysis

5 Detailed Analysis, Recommendations and project Proposals
5.1 Domestic solar water heating systems
5.2 PV applications
5.3 Biomass systems
5.4 General results and barriers' removal
5.5 Direct and indirect effects of RETs projects
5.6 Conclusion
5.7 Proposals of RETs projects


1 DSWH survey responses; manufacturers
2 DSWH survey responses; users
3 DSWH survey responses; experts
4 PV survey responses; manufacturers
5 PV survey responses; users
6 PV survey responses; experts
7 LBP survey responses; users
8 LBP survey responses; experts
9 Important barriers for large-scale biogas plants (LBP)
10 Project Proposal; Creation of a Financial and Technical Support Mechanism for DSWH Dissemination in Egypt