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Experts Meeting "Climate Resilient Development Strategies"


In September 2006 URC and the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs convened a meeting of climate experts and development practitioners to discuss options for integrating climate issues into development strategies.

Presentations are available in PDF format. Estimated download time at 28.8 kbps is less than 2 minutes, unless indicated otherwise.

All documents - zip file  (6 minutes)

Climate Resilient Development: from goals to strategies for action
Summary of Council meeting
Ole Moesby, Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs
John Christensen, UNEP Risø Centre
Key issues on implementation of climate resilient development strategies
Costs and benefits of addressing the climate change challenge (4 minutes)
Robert Watson, World Bank
Building institutional capacity to address climate change
Mark Mwandosya, Minister for Environment, Tanzania
Millennium Development Goals and Climate Vulnerability and Adaptation
P. R. Shukla, Indian Institute of Management
Climate change in development planning and Poverty Reduction Strategies
Richard Manning, OECD
Danish Climate & Development Action Programme
Initial experiences from Vietnam, Tanzania and Mozambique
Kirsten Halsnæs, UNEP Risø Centre

Related paper: Experiences from the Danish “Climate and Development Action Programme”
Sector perspectives on climate vulnerability
and coping strategies in relation to key issues
previously presented
Break-out groups on sector focus
Group 1: Agriculture and forestry
Michael Linddal
Group 2: Water
Karen Edelvang, UNEP Collaborating Centre on Water and Environment
Group 3: Infrastructure and energy
Shardul Agrawala, OECD
Group 4: Health
Bettina Menne, WHO
Cross-cutting issues on climate vulnerability and coping strategies
Cross-sector break-out groups with focus on climate resilient development strategies and:
A: Linkages to the Millennium Development Goals
P. R. Shukla, Indian Institute of Management
B: Linkages to national development planning, incl. PRSPs and NAPAs
Saleemul Huq, International Institute for Environment and Development
C: Costs and benefits of action and inaction
Robert Watson, World Bank
D: Institutional capacity to address climate change
Richard Myungi, Vice President’s Office, Division of Environment, Tanzania
Panel discussion and presentations from break-out groups
John Christensen (Chair)
Mark Mwandosya
Robert Watson
Richard Manning
P. R. Shukla
Discussion on how to move forward on climate friendly development strategies, climate screening and other tools in development planning and cooperation
Closing of the meeting
Geert Aagaard Andersen, Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Videos are available in streaming Windows Media Video format for broadband and narrowband connections.

Panel 1 (38 kbps)
Panel 1 (150 kbps)

Panel 2 (38 kbps)
Panel 2 (150 kbps)

Panel 3 (38 kbps)
Panel 3 (150 kbps)

For further information contact:  Sara Traerup, slmt@dtu.dk


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November 6, 2006