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Goals and outcomes, Deals on Wheels

The main goals of the workshop were to share experiences of sustainable transport practices,  to explore how sustainable mechanisms have been incorporated into national planning and implementation systems, and to understand the concrete mechanisms applied to promote sustainability in selected projects.

The issues that emerged as crucial for further specific actions were emphasising the role and the need for:

  • Institutions (inter-institutional co-operation, information dissemination, development of legal instruments, strategic approach to transport planning and policy-making)
  • Sustainable public transport, to create accessibility for all with reduced environmental impacts
  • Private sector involvement, with government intervention to guarantee that social objectives are met
  • Civil society and non-governmental organisations demanding transport services to meet accessibility needs
  • Non-motorised modes of transport and people-centred transport planning, to satisfy basic accessibility needs
  • Rationalised use of the automobile and creation of a new transport culture, supported by a substantial increase of diversity of transport modes
  • Data collection, definition of progress indicators and improved information dissemination

Various follow-up activities were proposed at the end of the workshop, especially:

  • Publication of proceedings, including presentation and summary of main discussions.
  • Creation of the Sustainable Transport Forum for Latin America, an E-mail group list for advocacy work. The principal aim of this network is to enhance collaboration among researchers and institutions in Latin America, in coordination with sister networks in other regions of the world.


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February 2, 2000