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This site was last updated in September 2012.
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Activities at URC are organized in thematic clusters with a dynamic structure that reflects the priorities of its parent organizations (UNEP, Risoe DTU and Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark) regarding energy, development and climate.

The current thematic clusters and their strategic focus are as follows:

Energy and carbon finance
Piloting new approaches within energy and carbon finance
Providing new analytical input to strengthening emerging sectors in CDM
Enhancing a more equitable regional distribution of carbon project activities
  Facilitating a more efficient carbon market through critical analysis and continued improvement of the delivery of capacity building and analytical inputs
Cleaner energy development
  Analytical support for identifying and overcoming political and institutional barriers to increased use of cleaner energy technology in developing countries
  Facilitating cleaner energy technology transfer through institutional capacity building and information sharing in developing countries and isolated locations
  Improve access to cleaner and more efficient energy technologies in developing countries through analytical and practical involvement in planning and program implementation processes
Climate strategies and resilient development
Developing and applying new methodological approaches for assessing climate change vulnerability, adaptation and mitigation
Enhancing national institutional capacities for integrating adaptation and climate resilience in developing countries national and sectoral policies and planning
Contributing to scientific assessments and furthering the understanding of climate change impacts and response options in both adaptation and mitigation
Estimating and analyzing the economic impacts of climate change and the benefits and costs of adaptation at the national, sectoral and project levels

The clusters are interlinked and some activities contribute to objectives under more than one cluster.


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