7- 9 May 2001, Risoe National Laboratory, Denmark








According to Article 12.5 of the Kyoto Protocol, CDM activities have to produce emissions reductions that are additional to 'any that would occur in the absence of the certified project activity'. Since Kyoto, numerous efforts have been made to develop baseline methodologies for the assessment of Article 12.5, and for potential Joint Implementation projects, including by the OECD/IEA. However, there is still a lack of consensus among experts on what the best methods for baseline evaluation are.

Organised by UNEP, OECD and IEA, and co-sponsored by Danida, the workshop brought together a wide community of experts from both Annex I and non-Annex I regions to discuss project baselines in a number of sectors.

The workshop aimed at building consensus on methodological recommendations for emission baselines, identifying issues that need further work or potential problem areas, and assisting countries with economies in transition and non-Annex I countries to identify their needs for data and institutional structures related to emission baselines.

Contact persons:   OECD   Jane Ellis, jane.ellis@oecd.org
IEA       Martina Bosi, Martina.Bosi@iea.org

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May 31, 2001