No. 5 January 1994

The Newsletter of the UNEP Collaborating Centre on Energy and Environment

In this issue:

Staff Expansion - Project Completion - New Collaboration

GHG Abatement Costing - Completion of Phase Two of the UNEP Project

Implementation Strategies for Environmentally Sound Energy Paths

(a) Strategic Options for the State of Maharashstra
(b) Implementation Strategy for Zimbabwe

Environmentally Sound Energy Development in India

The SEI/UNEP Fuel Cycle Analysis Project

Energy and Environment in China - a new UNEP collaborative activity

New Centre Staff and Visiting Scientists


c2e2 news provides up-to-date information at regular intervals on the activities of the UNEP Centre, UNEP and related events and developments. Information on forthcoming conferences, reports, studies, etc. are welcome.

Editor: Gordon A. Mackenzie

The views expressed in this newsletter do not necessarily represent those of UNEP.

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