No. 5 January 1994

New Centre Staff

Pramod Deo, M.Sc. (Physics), Ph.D. (Infrastructure Economics). Senior development administrator with 22 years of experience in the Indian State and Central Governments in the fields of: Energy Policy and Planning, Telecommunications Policy, and Industrial Development. Responsibilities included national policy issues, project management, and interaction with multilateral and bilateral funding agencies. Founder Director of the Maharashtra Energy Development Agency (1986-88) and the Energy Management Centre under the Indian Ministry of Power (1989-93). Research Engineer at Asian Institute of Technology, Bangkok 1985-86 and Energy Policy Consultant at World Bank 1992-93. Joined the UNEP Collaborating Centre on Energy and Environment in July 1993 as Senior Energy Economist.

Umme Salma, Masters (Econ), Ph.D. Specialization in economic modelling. Started career as an Economist with the Bangladesh Government. PhD scholar and later Research Associate at the Australian National University during 1985-93. Research area covered: macroeconomic and distributional consequences of changes in government policies in general as well as in partial equilibrium framework. Joined the UNEP Centre in July 1993.

Joel N. Swisher, M.S.(Mech. Eng.), Ph.D.(Env. Eng.) Solar Energy Research Institute (U.S.) 1980-83, consultant to New Zealand Ministry of Energy 1984-5, research engineer with Architectural Energy Corp., Colo., U.S.A. 1986-88. Private engineering consulting practice 1988-1992, clients include Electric Power Research Institute, Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory, Pacific Gas & amp Electric Co. Field research on conservation and forestry projects in Costa Rica and Guatemala 1989-90. Research Fellow at East-West Center 1990. Visiting Research Engineer at Lund University, Sweden 1991-93. Lecturer at universities in U.S., New Zealand, Sweden, Norway, Brazil.

Visiting Scientists

Jyoti Painuly, Associate Professor at Indira Gandhi Institute for Development Research, Bombay, India. His areas of work are energy conservation and energy policy analysis, technology assessment, integrated energy and environment planning, and analysis of environmental issues in developing countries. Working at the centre on application of economic instruments to environmental problems.

Yew-Kwang Ng, Professor of Economics at Monash University, Melbourne, Australia. His main field of interest is the welfare economic foundation of public policies, including environmental issues. Working at the Centre on methodological issues of cost-benefit analysis, with special reference to greenhouse gas abatement.

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