No. 5 January 1994


UNEP GHG Abatement Costing Studies. The Phase Two Report, along with appendices containing the project guidelines and country summaries, will be published early in 1994. The report will be available from the UNEP Centre and can be supplied in limited quantities free of charge.

Full country study reports are published by the country teams. Copies should be requested directly from the country teams whose contact addresses are published in this issue.

Copies of the Phase One Report containing reviews of the subject, and the popular booklet Counting the Cost are still available. A similar popular brochure, entitled Comparing the cost, summarizing the Phase Two Report will be published in 1994.

Energy Options for Africa - Environmentally Sustainable Alternatives, ed. Stephen Karekezi and Gordon A. Mackenzie. Proceedings of expert group meeting held in Nairobi 18 to 20 May 1992 to evolve "A New Environmentally Sound Energy Strategy for Africa".

For further information on these publications contact the UNEP Centre.

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