No. 6 December 1994

National Workshop on Sources and Sinks of GHGs in Tanzania

About 50 experts on energy and environment from various local institutions participated in the two-day national workshop on Sources and Sinks of GHGs which took place from 26 to 27 September at the Commission for Science and Technology in Dar es Salaam. The workshop was the outcome of the UNEP/GEF country study on GHG emissions in Tanzania, conducted between August 1993 and June 1994.

The main purpose of the workshop was to present the results of the inventory on sources and sinks of GHGs in Tanzania. The inventory is a collaborative effort of various institutions including: the Ministry of Tourism, Natural Resources and Environment (MTNRE), the Directorate of Meteorology, the Ministry of Water, Energy and Minerals MWEM), the University of Dar es Salaam, and the Centre for Energy, Environment, Science and Technology (CEEST); with the Department of Environment of the MTNRE being the lead agency and CEEST the executing agency. The study, funded by the Global Environmental Facility through the United Nations Environment Programme, benefited by the technical support from the Institute for Environment Studies in the Netherlands.

The national inventory on GHG emissions provides a comprehensive analysis of sources and sinks of GHGs in Tanzania. It contains high quality research in areas where little or no information was previously available and aims at increasing the quantity and quality of baseline data which can be used for the assessment of both mitigation options and vulnerability to climate change. A core group of researchers representing the key energy-environment expertise within the country participated in the study. The same group is conducting the ongoing project on mitigation options funded by the German Agency for Development Cooperation (GTZ) and within which the UNEP Centre has been engaged to provide advisory and technical back-up.

The workshop was inaugurated by the Principal Secretary of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, who in his opening statement officially declared that the Government of Tanzania would ratify the Framework Convention on Climate Change before the end of 1994. The final address was given by the Principal Secretary of the Ministry of Works,

Communication and Transport. The UNEP Centre was represented at the workshop by Arturo Villavicencio.

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