No. 9 May 1997 Supplement

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The Newsletter of the UNEP Collaborating Centre on Energy and Environment

Andean Region Climate Change Mitigation Study

Arturo Villavicencio, UNEP Centre

Andean countries have made significant progress with GHG inventories and mitigation analysis. Following the IPCC Guidelines for National Greenhouse Inventories, national teams in Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Venezuela have already established their preliminary inventories. Mitigation studies have been completed by Peru and Venezuela and they are in progress in Bolivia, Colombia and Ecuador.

The regional mitigation study for the Andean region will focus on two main issues: (i) the opportunities and incentives for countries to cooperate on implementing regionally­coordinated mitigation actions; and (ii) the policies, strategies and institutional arrangements necessary to promote such regional cooperation. The ultimate objective is to analyse the possibilities for improving the cost effectiveness of national actions, policies and strategies by exploring additional options whose implementation requires regional cooperation.

The reasons for selecting the Andean countries as a regional study case were identified. The first is the already established institutions and mechanisms for economic and political integration among the Andean countries; and the second is the relative homogeneity among the countries which suggest it may be easier to take advantage of potential complementarities.

The study intends to analyse three types of regionally concerted actions which could be relevant to the Andean countries context. They are as follows:

The study is conducted jointly by the UNEP Centre and the Institute for Energy Economics in Argentina in collaboration with the Latin American Energy Organisation. A first regional workshop is scheduled to take place at OLADE headquarters in Quito, Ecuador in May 1997.

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