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Botswana is one of the three countries being covered by the Danida­funded project "Climate Change Mitigation in Southern Africa Phase II" along with Zambia and Tanzania. Phase I of the programme was initiated carried out in 1994.The main purpose of the first phase was to establish the collaborative regional framework and to present an overview and assessment of relevant national and regional climate­change related information, experience and on­going programmes.

Phase I surveyed the GHG emitting sectors, included a preliminary inventory for 1990 for the main GHGs and identified potential mitigation options. In addition to this an on­going US country study plans to carry out a more detailed GHG inventory and mitigation analysis. A UNDP/GEF project is scheduled to start in 1996 to build national capacity to deal with the national communication to the UNFCCC. The results of these two projects, when they become available, will be integrated into the national and regional programme.

The most important area for mitigation study is the energy sector, as suggested by the GHG inventories in the Phase I study. Within this, the household, the industrial and transport sub­sectors are particularly significant. In the household sub­sector a major issue is the scarcity of fuelwood, while the other two sectors are the major consumers of fossil fuels in Botswana. A detailed abatement costing study for these sectors should take into account any energy linkages with agriculture and forestry sectors.

The executing agency for the Botswana country study is EECG Consultants, Gaborone on behalf of the Ministry of Mineral Resources and Water Affairs. A multidisciplinary team with representatives from the University of Botswana, Departments of Mines and Energy Affairs, and the Botswana Power Corporation are working under the direction of the project coordinator Dr Peter Zhou (EECG Consultants). The first National Workshop was held in Gaborone on 28­29 October 1996 and this was attended by a broad spectrum of stakeholders from government, utilities and industry.

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