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About URC
Mission and vision

UNEP Risoe Centre's mission

  • To facilitate a shift towards cleaner and more efficient energy systems and support
    climate resilient sustainable development, mainly in developing countries; through
    providing internationally leading research, policy analysis and capacity building.

UNEP Risoe Centre's vision

  • To be a leading international research and advisory institution on energy, environment,
    climate and sustainable development in close partnership with UNEP, national and
    international organizations and developing country partner institutions,

  • Active participation in planning and implementing UNEP’s Climate Change Strategy
    and Energy Programme
  • Research and development of analytical tools at the highest level in strategic selected
    areas within Energy, Climate and Sustainable Development.
  • Consistent focus on impact analysis and outreach activities
  • Active participation in international networks within Energy, Climate and Sustainable
  • Being the first choice of developing countries and national and international
    organizations when it comes to technical and advisory support within the centre’s areas of competence.
  • High flexibility, clear communication and short response time in the collaborating with
    our partners
  • Further development of a dynamic multicultural and interdisciplinary research
    environment that attracts leading expertise from around the world
  • Support of education and development of young researchers with high potential
  • Top credibility regarding project and financial administration using the advantage of
    being a public institution with high demands to procedures, transparency and accounting


UNEP Risoe Centre • DTU Management Engineering • Frederiksborgvej 399, Bldg. 142 • P.O. Box 49 • DK 4000 Roskilde • Denmark


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